The Head of Security at a prominent London University was faced with key security issues when the organisation took over the security of an old building. The large ground floor building led directly onto a public pavement and housed academic and research staff with valuable computer equipment. The Security Team needed to find a way of securing the building, especially the large windows, without replacing them entirely.

Bernadette Duncan (MBE) Chief Operating Officer of AUCSO explained the options they looked into:

“We considered installing bars on the windows but did not want the building to look like a jail block or draw attention to it. The staff were also concerned about the sunlight on the south facing side of the building, so we would also need to install blinds. After looking at several options we selected Securablinds as the best option to maximise security, as well as giving the occupants the option to use the blinds on sunny days.”

Bernadette went on to explain the other benefits of Securablinds:

“From the public side, the blinds looked like normal vertical blinds, so did not draw attention as a highly protected building or a potential target for thieves. In the evening when the lights were on, the blinds could be closed to provide privacy and at night time could be locked to provide a secure screen against vandalism or a forced entry. It was the ideal solution for us.

“The Securablinds team measured the windows and manufactured them for a bespoke fit. The delivery and installation timings were agreed and everything was fitted in time for the building to be occupied. The blinds gave the staff the required feeling of privacy and security, without feeling barred in. A great product which suited the building and a good team behind them.”

Bernadette Duncan (MBE) Chief Operating Officer of AUCSO