Abbey Protect SR2 Commercial Security Window Shutter

Obexion UD SR2 Security Shutter

Manufactured by our partner Charter Global and suitable for protecting risks in the domestic or commercial environment, the Obexion UD SR2 security shutter has been designed to withstand attack by a determined opportunist using bodily force and mechanically advanced tools of medium size.

The Obexion UD SR2 Security Shutter is the tested and certified perforated roller shutter curtain profile. Ideally suited to low to moderate risk applications, the  SR2 perforated security shutter ensures the security of the building is not compromised.

Suitable for mitigating low to medium-risk in various applications, the Obexion UD SR2 Security Shutter can also feature additional enhancements such as RapiDeploy security technology. RapiDeploy ensures swift closure of the shutter in emergency situations.

Independently tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), this security shutter is the only perforated shutter that is certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7, SR2 on the market.


  • Certified to LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR2
  • Secured by Design Police preferred specification
  • No auxiliary locking required, manual or electronic.
  • Unique profiles lock shutter in any stop position – fully closed or otherwise.
  • Allows external first point-of-entry through the shutter

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