Abbey Protect SR3 Security Shutter

Obexion UD SR3 Security Shutter

Manufactured by our partner Charter Global the Obexion UD SR3 Security Shutter protects facilities facing medium- to high-risks from deliberate forced entry using bodily force. Featuring LockDown technology that removes the need for any auxiliary locking system, the Obexion UD SR3 Security Shutter is certified for installation either externally or internally.

Perforated options available, providing the only certified security shutter to LPS 1175 SR3 on the market to allow for ventilation requirements without compromise on security rating.

Full range of compatible controls including; push button switch, key switch, radio control or possible to integrate into building management systems and third party alarms.

Additional features

  • Certified to LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR3
  • Secured by Design Police preferred specification
  • No auxiliary locking required, manual or electronic.
  • Unique profiles lock shutter in any stop position – fully closed or otherwise.
  • Allows external first point-of-entry through the shutter

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