Abbey Protect SR5 Security Shutter

Obexion MD SR5 Security Shutter

Manufactured by our partner Charter Global the level of security the Obexion MD SR5 Security Shutter offers is a dramatic increase to that of the Abbey Protect SR4 Security Shutter.

The addition of the 18V Reciprocating saw and 18V power for all the electric tools, requires far greater resistance during the 30-minute test duration than the LPS 1175: Issue 7, SR4 security level. The Obexion MD SR5 Security Shutter range is designed to protect against a sustained and professional means of attempting entry using an extended range of hand and performance power tools.

Incorporating LockDown security technology, unique to this range of security shutters, SR5 Security Shutter requires no auxiliary locking to maintain the security rating. This ensures the security shutter is never left in an insecure position and in addition, facilitating operation of the shutter as the first point of entry, which would be otherwise impossible.

The Obexion MD SR5 Security Shutter is the only security shutter certified to LPS 1175 SR5 and is designed to protect sites of extreme sensitivity, risk or national importance.


  • Certified to LPS 1175 Issue 7 SR5
  • Secured by Design Police preferred specification
  • No auxiliary locking required, manual or electronic.
  • Unique profiles lock shutter in any stop position – fully closed or otherwise.
  • Allows external first point-of-entry through the shutter

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