Theft prevention security doors

Abbey Security Doors keep your buildings and assets safe. Our security door ranges have been independently tested and accredited to ENV1627, which is the European recognised test standard for security equipment.

Our large range of high-quality security doors are made to measure and manufactured here in the UK. Security doors are subjected to an attack test, simulating a real break-in attempt using a range of tools such as grinders, axe, jigsaw, crowbars, brick and sledgehammer to withstand deliberate attempts at forced entry.

Security doors that keep your staff and the public safe

Our doors do what doors are supposed to do – open and close, keep the noise out and the warmth in. But should someone decide to try and take an axe and break through, the axe will have broken long before the door is breached.

Keeping your staff and the public safe, they improve the aesthetic appeal of your building too and come in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes.

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