handmade security doors from Abbey Protect

Class 4 Security Doors from Abbey Protect


  • Locking Bolts
  • Patented Diagonal Bolts
  • SystemTriple Armoured
  • 1.5mm Steel outer fortification


  • 1.5mm Steel internal fortification
  • 10 horizontal fortification ribs
  • 2 vertical fortification ribs
  • Drill resistant manganese-plate lock fortification

Class 4 Security Door Testing

  • 30 Minutes Sustained Attack – 10 Minutes per test
  • Claw hammers*
  • 350mm Bolt Cutters*
  • Hand Drills*
  • Junior Hacksaw*
  • 400mm Screwdrivers*
  • Lockpicking Tools*
  • Locksmiths Hammer*
  • 700mm Crow Bar*
  • 1.2kg Hammer*
  • 1.5kg Axe*
  • Blow Torch*
  • Bolster Chisel*
  • 750kg Scissor Jack*
  • Plate shears*
  • 500mm Bolt Cutters*
  • Disk Grinder (12vdc)*
  • Electric Drill*
  • Jig Saw*
  • 850mm Felling Axe*
  • 760mm Halligan Bar*
  • 750mm Sledge Hammer*

Class 4 Tools

Class 4 Security Tools

*Not all tools listed are used during the ENV1627 test and may instead have been used to test components of door, such as cylinder defenders, or tests conducted during research and development. For tools used during a specific test standard please review that standard in detail.

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