Security Protection for schools colleges and universities

Security for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Schools/colleges and universities need good security practices to protect students not just from the physical threat, but also from crime.

Security for schools, colleges and universities needs to be balanced against the requirement to have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere within the education sector. This ensures all staff, students and parents feel comfortable and safe. There is also a need to ensure that vital equipment and supplies are kept safe from crime. It is important to mitigate against these risks with proportionate and effective measures. At Abbey Protect we have developed a range of security products and training courses to achieve this.

Budgets are clearly a huge issue and any security solutions need to be mitigated against this. This needs to be balanced with profiling security threats. Laboratories have access to dangerous chemicals, students may be vulnerable to attack, however they may also be the attackers. Perimeters need to be secure and so there are multiple security issues to consider.

Training courses available

As well as providing physical security measures, Abbey Protect also provide high-quality training tailored to your organisational needs, which are delivered by recognised security experts in a wide variety of subjects, some of the courses are listed below.

  • Lock down
  • Knife attack
  • Crisis preparation and testing
  • Counter terrorism
  • Search training
  • Conflict resolution
  • Investigation courses
  • First aid

Secure by Design Accreditation

Abbey Protect enjoys Secured by Design member status which is awarded to companies producing security products. These security products must pass standards and tests nominated by the Police Service. The standards and related tests must demonstrate the product effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime, usually by resistance to physical attack.

Home Office Accreditation

Utilising the principles of Deter, Detect and Delay, Abbey Protect products can provide mitigation against the risks to your students, staff, parents and assets as part of a multi-layered security plan.

Abbey Protect’s patented security products have been tested to the strictest government standards providing protection against Forced Entry, Ballistics and even Blast Mitigation in the event of an explosion.

Click below for a London University Case Study.

University Campus Security Case Study

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