Security blinds installed at Canadian Embassy in London

Government buildings whether they are Local Government, embassies or Parliamentary are buildings of national importance. Individuals are vulnerable to personal attack and of course the buildings and people in and around them have been subject to terrorist threats and attacks.

Building security for government buildings must encompass all risks, from basic denial of unauthorised access, through to minimising collateral damage to infrastructure.

Often Government buildings also fall under the category of heritage buildings and extra consideration must be given to this when identifying the building security solutions. For high-profile buildings, such as the Houses of Parliament, the building security products must work in conjunction with all security measures in place across the wider security spectrum. It is highly unlikely that an opportunist criminal will target a building of such significance, therefore risk and tools profiles are sophisticated and dangerous.

Older properties will be more vulnerable to these sophisticated methods. Some buildings need protecting against blast attack – not just criminal or individual attacks. Therefore extensive blast protection products such as security doors, security blinds and windows need to be considered to protect the building and its occupants. If need be defence and retreat rooms can be built to protect occupants until attackers have been dealt with by security forces.

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