Hospitals look after the most vulnerable people in our society. Laboratories and pharmacies have some of the most dangerous and desired chemicals that criminal organisations and individuals want to access. As well as this healthcare facilities have expensive machinery and equipment that criminals want to acquire. Mix this with all manner of people wandering in and out because they work there, or are sick, or visiting, or sub-contracting and it creates a security headache.

Most risks associated to the healthcare sector relate to crime rather than targeted terrorist attacks. Therefore restricted access to highly secure rooms, reinforcing entry points and controlling perimeter entry points are essential in a layered approach to making even the most determined criminals are thwarted.

Training staff to understand security processes and how to spot unusual activities is also essential when protecting hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies in the public and private sectors.

At Abbey Protect our security consultants have worked across the globe tackling serious crime and counter-terrorism. Their experience is essential in developing an integrated approach to security and ensuring the right solutions are put in place.

Our UK manufacturing facility means produce our accredited and patent protected products in-house and measured to your exact needs.

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