Protecting shops and retail security

The level of risk you face as a retailer depends on the value of your product. A jewellers with hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock is more vulnerable to an organised determined attack than perhaps a sweet shop which will be more vulnerable to opportunist petty theft.

On a larger scale, shopping centres or retail outlets face security issues and a responsibility to keep the public safe whilst they are shopping.

In recent years we have seen terrorist attacks in busy shopping areas and town planners as well as security teams responsible for protecting shopping centres need to mitigate as much as possible against more serious attacks as well as criminal activities.

Retail has come under considerable pressure from online competition and protecting shoppers from the perceived security threats has added to this pressure. No shopping centre or individual shop will be completely secure, however there are products that can make a forced entry attack very difficult.

Abbey Protect’s range of products include:

  • Security blinds
  • Bollards
  • Window Film
  • Doors
  • Bars and Grilles

Combined with our team’s experience of criminal and counter-terrorist activities across the globe means we are able to identify vulnerabilities and threats in retail environment. We have a range of accredited, patent protected products that can mitigate against these threats to give your customers and staff peace of mind as well as saving you money through reduced incidences of theft.

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