Security for banks and financial institutions

Though incidences of bank robberies are less frequent as security measures have improved, the rewards are very high which makes them still vulnerable to attack. Security for banks and financial institutions from attack remains a priority and Abbey Protect has a range of products the can protect from blast, ballistic and forced entry attacks.

As well as money and assets that need protecting information is equally as important. Abbey Protect will not be able to protect your business from a software attack, however server rooms, vaults and other rooms need physically protecting in the event of an attack, particularly a blast.

Physical Security measures

Security for banks and financial institutions must intelligently integrate all elements of the security matrix. Essentially, one element cannot work without the other. This includes the staff. A building can have all the secure blinds, secure doors, bollards, shutters, grilles and bars in place but if a staff member doesn’t close it properly or shares the code with someone this will undermine the whole process.

Abbey Protect’s security consultants are experienced in combating organised crime and counter terrorism having worked for the Police and Security forces throughout the world. Our engineering factory in the UK means we can manufacture fully tested and accredited products on-site. This means that we can assess your security vulnerabilities and implement the solutions including training your staff.

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