Security Protection for museums and galleries

Museums and galleries are notoriously difficult to secure – apart from the obvious valuable assets on display, all of these places are open to the public who, in many cases, have paid to be there. They expect to be able to see these items unobstructed.

When planning to protect museums and galleries the primary consideration is delaying experienced attackers for as long as possible.

Assessing security threat levels will be down to a number of factors however the level of popularity, value of collections and previous track record when it comes to a criminal attack will be taken into consideration along with the building’s configuration and status.

Each museum or gallery will face unique threats. Broadly speaking national galleries with government backing are able to access more funding than smaller independent galleries which will impact on the level of security your organisation is able to provide.

Abbey Protect has a number of solutions ranging from Blast proof Patent Protected Blinds to window film, doors and shutters that increases the level of security without spoiling the viewers’ experience of the collections on display. Our highly experienced security teams will be able to identify threats and vulnerabilities and advise you on the best solutions and work within your budget.

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