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Security Training & Capability building

We aim to provide a range of bespoke training and capability building solutions which reflect the context, challenges and reality of the security and risk management landscape.

We work closely with our clients to develop a precise and comprehensive understanding of their requirements and design and develop solutions to meet those requirements.

Our range of specialist training solutions focuses on impacting on the 4R’s.

  • Mitigating and controlling risk
  • Increasing and protecting revenue
  • Developing and improving resilience
  • Preserving and enhancing reputation

Our training aims to grow organisational capability, capacity and resilience and directly impact business performance.

Our training approach focuses on immersive, practical, engaging, realistic and challenging programs.

Delivered by our training team who are Subject Matter Experts in their respective disciplines.

Expert Security Training from leading international Security Consultants

Expert Security Training from leading international Security Consultants

Our experienced training team will work with clients to design and deliver training which meets their precise requirements and correlates to business performance and improvement.

We also undertake table top exercises that can assist in developing effective responses to issues such as Hostile Incursion and Terrorist Explosive Devices. These half day courses can often raise important issues regarding gaps in security plans. These exercises can be developed to include penetration testing to ensure measures in place are being followed by staff within a no blame report highlighting areas for improvement.

Security Training Courses

Below is a list of security and capability training courses we provide. Please take a look and if you are interested in one or more of these courses call our Security Training Team on 03332422781 or fill in our enquiry form below:

Educational Facilities Our bespoke course aims to deliver scenario based fully immersive training designed to prepare your staff, example exercises including lock-down, Knife attack, Crisis preparation and testing, counter terrorism, search training, conflict resolution. Investigation courses, first aid and more
Counter Terrorism Protection/Preparation Awareness The course aims to introduce individuals and organisations to the UK Government CONTEST strategy.  Scenario and real-world immersive training to inform and develop knowledge of the Protect and Prepare streams.
Developing an effective security culture The course aims to develop the techniques and strategies to challenge and build an effective security culture within an organisation.
Security Audit and Inspections The course aims to develop the skills to conduct comprehensive risk and threat assessments of locations, facilities, systems and security arrangements within an organization.
Crisis/Critical Incident Management The course aims to assist organisations to develop a range of strategies and prepare for and manage serious incidents and situations.
Emergency Preparedness & Response (TABLE TOP) The course aims to offer delegates an imersive experience to test, develop and improve strategies to deal with a wide range of incidents. It also includes inter-operability with outside agencies and organisations.
Decision making & critical thinking The course aims to develop the decision-making process in high pressure environments.  Including techniques and models to aid organisations to positively react during times of crisis.
IED Awareness The course aims to equip first responders as well as members of organisations operating in high threat environments to prepare for and deal with the presence of IEDs.
Counter IED procedures/locating/disposal The course aims to train operators in technical procedures for locating and neutralising the threat of IED’s and munitions safely.
Managing the insider threat The courses aim to raise organisational awareness of the insider threat and develop strategies and counter measures required to reduce, mitigate and plan from hostile insider activity. This would include theft, sabotage, corruption and industrial espionage.
Developing an effective whistleblowing strategy The course aims to assist organisations to develop and implement systems, policies and technical support for any group or institution to develop a whistle blowing facility as part of the organisational culture.
Informant/Source handling The course aims to support organisations to establish and maintain systems and policies to maximise Human intelligence that is essential to the early identification and mitigation of a wide variety of organisational risks.  This course also ensures that organisations are compliant with Human Rights and any other relevant legislation and policies.
Search Management The course offers a range of search skills training to both private and public sector organisations aimed at enhancing public safety, preventing and detecting crime & terrorism and providing public reassurance. The training includes person, vehicle, route, vessel and venue searches.
HEAT training The course aims to deliver scenario based fully immersive training designed to prepare people to deploy in to hazardous environments.  The course can be tailored to any country or environment and to the required skill level of the individual operator.  Subjects covered are, first aid, driving, security awareness, working with CP teams, capture and kidnap procedures, navigation and communications.
FPOS First Person on Scene This course is designed to take the First Aider on to the next skill level. Students will be taught the skills associated with rapid assessment, stabilisation and transfer of both the trauma victim and those suffering a medical emergency.
Strategic problem solving The course aims to introduce delegates to models, strategies and techniques to solve problems both internally and externally to the organisation using systematic and proven process.
Understanding and utilising intelligence The course aims to enable organisations to implement or improve intelligence management systems within a group or institution that is able to gather, process and disseminate Intelligence from a variety of sources.
Intelligence analysis The course aims to develop individuals in analytical processes and techniques in order to facilitate accurate and effective processing of information and intelligence and to produce detailed assessments for prescribed organisational purposes.
Intelligence development The course aims to develop the techniques and tactics for developing the strands of processed and graded intelligence in order to shape and direct an enquiry/investigation.
Close Protection training The course aims to deliver scenario-based training to the individual operator and test them in fully immersive situations and tactical scenario.  Subjects covered include, first aid, advanced driving techniques, navigation, communications, threat assessment, working with the principle, reaction to effective contact, use of force, and security survey. Can be either armed or unarmed.
Surveillance (Static, foot, mobile, rural) The course aims to develop core skills for covert surveillance operations and tactics including driving, navigation, communications, log keeping, counter surveillance measures and evidence handling, in support of investigations.
Management of investigations This course aims to develop a delegate’s ability to lead investigations from instigation to conclusion.  The course includes training in initial assessment, decision making and governance strategies.  Also Included is discipline hearings, criminal offences, complaints and breeches of organizational policies.  Health and safety incidents and near misses
Behavioural assessment screening techniques The course aims to develop a security team’s awareness of the range of human behavioural indicators which may identify groups or individuals who pose a security or terrorist threat. Delegate’s will learn how to identify hostile reconnaissance and preparatory actions prior to crime, disorder or terrorist actions.
Architects CT course (CPD) This program aims to develop a greater understanding the method of attacks available to extremists in order to inform the future planning and design of new builds as well as retrospective changes to buildings and open areas.

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