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A string of celebrities including many high profile footballers have had valuables worth millions of pounds stolen in recent years not to mention they and their families have been left incredibly traumatised by the sometimes violent event. Criminals scour their social media, news and fixtures lists to find opportune moments to pounce,  sadly we are seeing a sharp rise in these attacks as well as more sophisticated methods used by organised crime gangs. The criminal gangs study their targets, often from overseas and can be ‘in and out’ of the country in a matter of hours having committed their crime.

There are many organisations claiming to have ‘Police and Military backgrounds’ who can assist clients in this area. Initially this may seem reassuring having these backgrounds, however there are many roles inside both the police and the military but very few require the specialist skills to protect high profile individuals and their families.

At Abbey Protect we have one of the most qualified teams available privately in the United Kingdom, you can meet the team here, we would ask any client in the market for premium security services to compare our team against the competition.


Each one of our clients circumstances and level of threat will be unique, there is no quick fix or one size fits all solution, our team spend time getting to know our clients and produce a report detailing the risks and the mitigation measures available.


  • Covert Surveillance – criminals will often follow a target for weeks identifying a time table and an area of weakness to exploit, our teams can covertly follow our clients and family members ensuring nobody is following them.
  • Safe Zone installation – We can introduce Safe Zones and rooms into your family home, shutting down sections while allowing movement around the other areas.
  • Intelligent Alert Systems and Emergency Communication devices –  We supply the very latest in technology to ensure that you have forewarning of an attack and can communicate even if regular communications are tampered with by the criminals.
  • Risk Reports – We conduct Risk Reports on all family members highlighting areas of weakness and offering alternatives.
  • Design Service – We can work with you and your architects to design or retro fit your home with the very best mitigation measures.

Effective threat analysis from our experienced security experts will be used to produce a risk assessment and action plan to address any vulnerabilities that have been identified. Options are supplied to provide solutions to problems from all aspects of physical and personnel security.

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