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Risk Assessment Survey

The purpose of a survey is to identify the threat actors that can harm the location, to identify the vulnerabilities for the location, provide mitigation opportunities and to provide an action plan that the client can follow. The risk assessment will identify:

Threat factors:

The identification of individuals and groups that can harm the business and assets of the organisation. This ranges from Terrorist Groups, Extremist Groups, Organised Crime Groups, Opportunist Crime, and Insider Threats.


This phase takes the form of a visit to the location and an examination of current security measures, policies and procedures. The visit will include a thorough investigation of all parts of the site and should ideally include a short interview with the person responsible for the working and security of the site. Photographic recording of parts of the site will be required. All information will be treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and the information contained remains the property of the client and will not be disclosed further. It will cover all aspects of physical and other types of security around the location.

Mitigation Opportunities:

The next phase of the service is to provide a considered response for mitigation against the identified vulnerabilities. These will follow the JASPER principles (Justifiable, Appropriate, Sustainable, Proportionate, Economic, Reasonable).

    Action Plan:

The most vital part of any assessment is the protection offered against litigation by having a structured action plan that is attributable to an individual with realistic time frames to reduce your vulnerability.

By following the above steps, you can ensure that an organisation is sighted to vulnerabilities that could lead to loss of assets and litigation.


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