Bespoke Professional Surveillance Solutions

Abbey Protect offers complete bespoke professional surveillance solutions to industry, legal, Local Authority, corporate and private clients.

The service provided is 100% confidential and discreet across the full range of surveillance disciplines. All services are undertaken by operators consisting former police and military professional surveillance staff.

Abbey Protect intrinsically work to the same exacting standards as required by those organisations.

Surveillance Teams:

Our highly trained and experienced staff deploy in teams of appropriate size and make up, including female operatives, for any operational situation and environment.

Covert Observation Post (COP):

Utilising long-range digital optics and high specification digital photographic equipment quality evidence can be obtained and disseminated to our clients.

Covert Rural Observation Posts (CROP):

A specialised form of surveillance carried out by highly trained operators to obtain evidence from difficult operating environments.

Covert Method of Entry (CME):

Professionally planned and executed covert entry operations conducted by highly skilled and trained operators within legal parameters.

Technical Surveillance Equipment:

Deployment and monitoring of standalone covert technical equipment for obtaining oral and visual evidence to further the investigation.

Camera Deployment:

Covert hide construction and deployment of cameras with an ability to provide realtime monitoring.

Tracking and Monitoring:

Covert deployment on and real-time monitoring of vehicles and other types of valuable assets.

Counter and Anti Surveillance:

Deployment of a small surveillance team to identify and mitigate against, hostile surveillance.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures:

Professional and discrete sanitisation of any type of building environment against hostile covert monitoring devices.

Detailed Reporting:

Upon completion of each operational deployment you will be provided with a detailed report that highlights the evidence gained.

Covert Surveillance Training:

Professional courses aimed at providing students with a range of skills that enables the participant to grow into a valuable asset within a surveillance team.

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