Custom manufactured ballistic mitigation products

The use of guns by both Terrorist and Criminal Organisations may be considered a threat for some locations within the United Kingdom and abroad. If this is the case, bullet resistance may be required for parts of your building.

Abbey Protect can assist the building owner, Security Manager or Facility Manager in designing a suitable response to the threat, ensuring that suitable mitigation products are placed appropriately. The threat is defined in terms of the availability of the various types of firearm and ammunition prevalent in that area. We will also identify which areas of the building are more likely to require resistance to attacks from individuals or groups using guns. This may include windows, doors, walls and partitions and Abbey Protect can incorporate ballistic protection into our range of products.

To mitigate against the number of casualties and damage to assets in the event of a hostile incursion by an active shooter or several shooters, Abbey Protect’s products can be incorporated into your building to create safe zones to provide protected shelter areas. Our products can be custom manufactured for indoor and outdoor use and even positioned to create a defensive position.

Supporting the defence and commercial markets our products include ballistic resistant window blinds, window film, bollards, doors and barriers to mitigate against the ballistic threat from the perimeter of the building through to the rooms and corridors inside.

A new threat to old infrastructure

The threat from the lone wolf, home-grown, off the radar terrorists who have been to war zones and trained in weapons use is relatively new. Most building construction has not caught up with this threat and they are not designed to protect people in the event of an attack. Abbey Protect can build resilience at critical points using our counter-terrorism expertise involving the use of resistant materials and products.

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