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Securablinds Technical Specifications

Securablinds Technical Specifications

Securablinds unique patent protected design achieves unparalleled resilience and blast absorption standards in attack scenarios. Here you will find the detailed Securablinds Technical Specifications for our security products.

Our manufacturing methods adhere to ISO 9001:2008. We build core strength and durability into our security products at every stage of manufacturing.

Securablinds blades are extruded to our patent protected design for inherent strength. They are further reinforced with high tensile steel rods when fastened to the inner frame. Our intellectual property in fastening methods guarantee Securablinds high pressure blast absorption and controlled deflection properties.

Years of development and testing have culminated in an exact product specification increasing strength and integrity during the steel bending and welding manufacturing process.

Global Products protecting against global terror and crime

Securablinds patent protected systems are installed in many locations on behalf of Government and commercial organisations in UK, Asia, Europe, Russia, Middle East and other countries.

CPNI Accredited

Installations include our Securablinds Defender Premium product is CPNI accredited and ideal for government buildings, embassies and other sensitive locations.

High street banks, international money exchanges, mainline and underground rail networks, hospitals, medical centres, national infrastructure projects, police forces, education buildings and commercial organisations are all benefiting from the peace of mind and protection Securablinds provide.

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