Bespoke, Retro fit, Blast & Intruder window protection systems.

Embassies and Government Buildings - aesthetically pleasing blast protection

Schools, colleges and chambers of commerce - aesthetically pleasing intruder prevention

Worldwide banks - CPNI rated intruder prevention & blast protection


Bomb Blast & Theft Prevention Products

Patented Blast Protection and Intruder Prevention Products are saving lives and protecting assets around the world

Abbey Protect is in a unique position to be able to manufacture and supply our own product range of Security Blinds – Securablindsยฎ.

We have 5 versions of the Securablindsยฎ range to offer, from Bomb Blast Blinds, which are tested to 100kg and 500kgTNT equivalent to Intruder Prevention Blinds. These vary from LPCB accredited through to CPNI Rated (Approved for Government use).



We are proud to have saved lives in Beirut when the Harbour explosion happened in Lebanon.

We have had reports and testimonials back from Beirut individuals regarding how effective our blinds were during the blast wave that spread across Beirut and how it saved their lives. The blinds were in perfect working oder after the explosion and haven’t needed replacing apart from the glass in the windows.

We manufacture all the Security Blinds in our own manufacturing facility which adheres to ISO 9001:2015 standards. We build core strength and durability into our products at every stage of manufacture.

We have our own in-house teams to deal with the unique nature of our Securablindsยฎ product range. Any size or shape can be accommodated to suit the existing aperture where the security blind will be installed.

We also have a team of Security professionals at Abbey Protect – our highly experienced staff that include senior counter terrorism police and military personnel that are subject matter specialists. All with 30 years plus experience and some have operated at Government level as Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSA). This means we have the expertise to handle any situation whether it be a security risk for a government building or embassy through to upgrading and improving the security and protection for a data centre or school.

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