Delivering specialist security consultancy & patent protected products

Trusted globally by governments, militaries, NGO's, & commercial organisations.

Experienced in global commercial security and counter terrorism protection

Abbey Protect is in a unique position to provide advice on identifying security threats and risks through our expert security consultants and security training. We also engineer and manufacture patent protected products that mitigate against blasts, ballistics and forced entry threats.

The Abbey Protect Security Consultancy Team is the key to our success. Consisting of established security specialists with considerable experience in global commercial security and Counter Terrorism protection developed during many years of commercial, Police, Government and Military careers including professional Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSA).

Supported by a high-quality established engineering and manufacturing facility alongside a team of sales and marketing professionals, Abbey Protect is well positioned to add benefit to our clients’ corporate counter terrorism strategies by providing demonstrable, defence solutions.

Dealing with the counter terrorism threats we face today

Once we understand your requirements and have fully audited your vulnerabilities we have a range of patented, fully tested and accredited products developed to deal with the terrorist and criminal threats we face today. Whether in sealed off compounds in highly dangerous regions, government or commercial properties in cities and towns or homes vulnerable to attack, our products can be fitted during the build or retrospectively.

Discuss your requirements with our experienced security consultants, trusted by multinational organisations, governments, police forces and private individuals the world over.




Skills and knowledge have been developed during commercial, police, government and military careers.

As a result you have access to a comprehensive offering from security experts with experience in hostile environments who can deliver a range of tactical counter terrorism solutions using innovative and cost effective products, some of which cannot be accessed anywhere else in the world.

To mitigate against security threats and risks to your people and assets talk to Abbey Protect’s Security Team today.

Expertise and unique products

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