Abbey Protect Security Shutters

Abbey Protect Security Shutters

Abbey Protect has partnered with Charter Global to provide security shutters with a fortified layer of protection for entrances and apertures of applications within all sectors. Durable and an obvious deterrent, security shutters are a highly effective physical security measure that can be specified for both high risk and low-risk properties.

The most effective way of ensuring a property is defended against intrusion or more severe risks, is to make the security measures implemented as visually obvious as possible.

Protecting the various points of entry, whether it be a retail storefront entrance or a healthcare facility’s car park, is vital for ensuring initial safety procedures. By reinforcing the existing door, glass or other types of opening with an independently certified, physical layer of protection will not only put off petty criminals but efficiently protect the property from an array of risks.

Protecting against even the most determined forced entry attempts

Catering for risks in the domestic or commercial environment, the Abbey Protect has a range of security shutters designed to withstand attack by a determined opportunist or a sustained and experienced forced entry attempt.

Depending on the level of security your premises requires our range of security shutters are independently tested and certified to prevent one or more of the following forced entry situations:

Forced Entry Bodily Force

Mitigation of opportunist intruder attempts using manual or bodily force including tools.

Forced Entry Power Tools

Protecting against deliberate forced entry of premises using mechanically-enhanced power tools.


Securing people, property and assets against bespoke risks and severe threats.