Security blinds installed at Canadian Embassy in London


SECURABLINDS® unique patented design achieves unparalleled resilience and blast absorption standards to protect your infrastructure, staff and clients. Tested against a range of blast threats our blinds have achieved the highest standards of accreditation in compliance with Home Office standards.


How do SECURABLINDS® work?

  • An explosion occurs radiating out a blast pressure wave in all directions.
  • The pressure wave smashes the window forcing the glass and anti-shatter film or polycarbonate trigger to automatically shut the blinds.
  • The SECURABLINDS® Blast Blind then absorbs the force of the pressure wave, stopping glass shrapnel and other blast debris from entering the building.
  • The negative phase of the blast wave then draws the glass and debris back towards the blast source.


Securablinds blast mitigation sequence


SECURABLINDS® come in a range of designs and level protection.

Our blast mitigation blinds also do what blinds are supposed to do, they let in or keep out the light and add to the aesthetics of your premises as they come in a number of designs. As a result, your building is protected to the highest level without compromising its architectural integrity.


SECURABLINDS® Bomb Blast Protection Video

SECURABLINDS® Bomb Blast range of Security blinds are fitted internally behind a window for protection against the effects of blast and lethal glass shrapnel. Our aesthetic designs incorporate an inward opening inner panel opening 90° into the room allowing for access to the window just like a normal blind. The blinds are tested in accordance with ISO 16933 against both 100kg and 500Kg devices at 30 meter range.

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