Theft mitigation

Theft mitigation across the world

The threat of a terrorist attack feels very real, and certainly the number of worldwide incidences have increased 7 fold since the year 2000(1). However, these numbers are small compared to 5,000,000 burglaries committed throughout the world in 2015.

Protecting your organisation from organised, resourced and committed burglars is more likely to be a primary concern to prevent people stealing your assets or kidnapping your staff. Whether it is people, money, jewellery, data, equipment, chemicals, weapons, drugs or any other assets your organisation wants to protect, Abbey Protect’s experienced team of security consultants are drawn from specialist areas of global commercial security, covert law enforcement and counter terrorism protection.

Abbey Protect’s UK based manufacturing facilities enable us to design, plan and deliver completely bespoke security solutions meeting your exact requirements.

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1. – in 2000 there were 1,813 terrorist related incidents. By 2016 terrorist incidents increased 7 fold to 13,488.