Abbey Protect can provide security from theft and blast at underground stations

Current Threat Level to the UK is Severe, an Attack is highly likely

‘My priority will always be to keep our country safe – the threat from terrorism is one of the starkest that we face’ – Home Secretary Sajid Javid, 4th June 2018, CONTEST strategy speech.

The CONTEST strategy provides the framework for the United Kingdom Government’s response to mitigating against the terrorist threat. Key strands of this mitigation strategy for the vulnerable locations in the public domain are Protect and Prepare. We have specialist advisors who can assist with the identification and solutions for the threats that terrorism presents to your company using Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) and Secured By Design (SBD) rated products.

                                                    Terrorist Threats from multiple sources

The identification of threat actors, the individuals and groups that can harm the business and assets of the organisation, ranges from Terrorist Groups, Extremist Groups, and Insider Threats and provide the essential factors in formulating a pertinent risk register.

Deter, Detect and Delay

We use the principles of Deter, Detect and Delay and the Five P’s (Policy, Procedure, Physical, Partnership, Preparedness) to provide an integrated, defensible response to your identified risks to ensure your location has a demonstrative mitigation plan that is justifiable, appropriate, sustainable, proportionate, economic, and reasonable (JASPER).

We can ensure that an organisation is sighted to vulnerabilities from terrorism that could lead to loss of assets and litigation that can damage your professional reputation.

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