Abbey Protect’s SECURABLINDS® CPNI Defender Premium product is accredited by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) click the image below for more information on our CPNI rated SECURABLINDS® Defender Premium.

Securablinds Defender Premium Security Blinds

The CPNI are are leaders in security, providing resources, guidance and expert advice to help protect and keep businesses secure from external threats.

The organisation is the government authority for protective security advice to the UK national infrastructure. Its role is to protect national security by helping to reduce the vulnerability of the national infrastructure to terrorism and other threats.

CPNI Product Assurance

CPNI assures a wide range of physical security products for use on critical national infrastructure sites. This assurance is provided against the national security threats. Where possible CPNI uses international or national standards; where these standards do not exist CPNI sponsors standards either as a Publicly Available Specifications, suitably recognised standard or creates a CPNI standard. CPNI often uses international or national standards as a baseline for CPNI standards, certification against these standards may be a requirement for CPNI testing.

CPNI Evaluations

CPNI evaluations are undertaken by contracted test houses who are competent in the evaluation of these types of products. Upon completion CPNI convenes a panel of experts to assess the results of the evaluation. After careful consideration of the written report, and other factors, successful products are awarded a grading. This grading may be either a CLASS level or a PROTECTION level or both.

It must be stressed that CPNI are assessing products for use in high security environments. As a result, the evaluations carried out are well above the standard expected of a ‘normal’ security product. Relatively few products pass, so even the ‘lowest’ CPNI grading still points to a very capable product.

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